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VolunTeens Clara Buck and Molly Payne deliver Meals on Wheels during Christmas Break to senior citizens of Lamar.  Here at About Our Kids, we could not be prouder of our youth. When other kids are sitting at home or out roaming the streets, our youth are participating in several supervised service learning projects all throughout the community. Not only do our youth happily help others, but they also frequently come up with the ideas themselves.

One service project our VolunTeens do is delivering meals on wheels to the needy in our community. They do this over Christmas vacation, Spring Break and 12 weeks of summer vacation. It is truly heartwarming to see these kids so excited to give back to their community.

The Meals on Wheels program is just one of the many service projects that our great VolunTeens complete throughout the year. They also help senior citizens, maintain city-owned landscape plantings, walk dogs at the dog pound and set up Christmas lights on the square. Our youth devote a great amount of time and energy to making our community a better, brighter place to live.

Our youth do a lot, but they cannot do it all. While they freely give of their time, they depend on the community’s generous adults to provide the funding that we at AOK need to keep our program running. We feed one meal and one healthy snack to an average of 60 children every day. We also have to pay for utilities, insurance, supplies and gas to transport the children to the activities. All of these expenses, while important, add up quickly.

In the past, the program’s funding has been provided through grants. However, AOK received no grants in 2013, and now we are depending on the community to recognize the importance of our work and to help keep our program running.

A one-time donation of $99 is enough to allow us to help one child for one month. You are more than welcome to give more or less, depending on what you decide in your heart you can afford to give. Please help us continue to provide a safe and healthy place for our county’s children to be when school is not in session.