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Carlos Piaz and Jerod Morey pick up a recycling bin from Lamar Enterprises in Lamar, MO.

In October 2013, the VolunTeens at Nathan’s Place came up with a great idea. They wanted to start a new service project that involved collecting and recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles. The purpose of this new project was for the teens to help the environment and learn more about recycling while they brought in some much needed additional funding for Nathan’s Place.

This project got off to a great start. Not only did the VolunTeens bring in their own recyclables from home, but they also went out into the community to pick up recycling from local businesses. The teens had a great time helping the environment and their program, and the recycling project will continue to run in the future.

While teenagers may be known for their healthy appetites, there is only so much that our great VolunTeens can do to bring in old cans and bottles, however. That is why we at About Our Kids are looking for some great community helpers to assist these kids with their project.

One easy way that you can help is to bring in your old aluminum cans and plastic bottles. You don’t need them anymore, and our kids can really use them. They money that they get from this drive goes to help fund our program, which provides a safe place for them to go before school, after school and during the summer. There is a recycling container under the porch outside Nathan’s Place for easy drop off, and everyone is welcome to donate.

We are also asking for several generous individuals who would be willing to help fund our great program. In the past, About Our Kids has always been funded by grants. In 2013, however, our program did not receive any grants, and now we are at risk of closing if we do not find additional funding. Please look in your heart to see how you might be able to help these great kids keep their program going. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

We need your help to support local children!