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When children become teenagers, they experience many physical changes with their bodies. As teens hit puberty, they will gain weight and grow in height. While health is important throughout one’s entire life, focusing on physical health in teens is especially important. If teenagers stay physically fit and active, they can avoid health problems and other complications in the future.

The Physical Benefits

Staying active can reduce the likelihood of obesity and other weight related problems. Combining physical fitness with a healthy diet can also reduce the risk of heart disease and increase the life span of health individuals. There are dozens of different physical activities that teenagers can partake in at school, at home and with friends. No drastic changes are required to fit in the right amount of physical activity. Many everyday tasks can count as physical activity for teenagers.

The Mental Benefits

In addition to helping the body, physical activity has positive mental effects on teens. When humans exercise, endorphins are released. Endorphins are hormones that promote happiness and good feelings. By staying physically active, teenagers can reduce the risk of stress, depression and other mental health issues. Physical activity can also help teenagers maintain a positive body image because physical activity is so beneficial to human body.

The Importance of Physical Activity for Teens

Making Time for Physical Activity

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, teenagers should get approximately sixty minutes of physical activity each day. This does not mean that teenagers have to make extra time for serious exercise regimens. Playing sports, jogging with friends, and taking physical education classes are all excellent ways for teenagers to get an hour of physical activity each day. All types of physical activity burn calories and reduce body fat, so teens can choose whichever physical activities suit them the most.

Lamar Youth Development

AOK in is dedicated to teaching lifelong skills to youth in Lamar, Missouri and the surrounding areas. It’s our goal to help teens make healthy choices and develop into healthy adults.

Nathan’s Place, located at 1005 Gulf in Lamar, is a safe, drug-free supervised home-away-from-home for teens. Here, we provide education, activities and experiences to instruct kids physically, socially and morally. Physical activity options include a basketball court, exercise equipment, pool table, foosball, and more. Also, a healthy meal is served free of charge every Monday through Friday at 5:30pm at Nathan’s Place. For more information about Nathan’s Place, contact Amy Smith at 417-681-0982 or 417-682-6284(NATH).

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