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Youth Development

Youth Development is a process that prepares youth to meet the challenges of their formative years and includes efforts of other youth, adults, communities, government agencies and schools to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills and abilities into their adulthoods.

AOK provides education, activities and experiences to instruct our kids physically, socially and morally.

We have an extensive range of educational programs and services and we supply training and materials to area schools and organizations, enhancing their ability to reach youth.

AOK staff is trained to address risky behaviors including underage drinking, sexual activity and drug abuse. They can also deal with emotional and mental issues, such as cutting, self-mutilation, depression, ADHD, Asperger syndrome and more. Their primary goal is to meet the emotional and developmental needs of the Barton County youth.

By designing and implementing comprehensive youth development programs, AOK helps parents, caregivers and other youth leaders connect to the teens in the community.